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For thousands of years humankind has invested a significant amount of energy into their living spaces and, for a great majority, these may have been seen as something precious. It is difficult to comprehend the number of dwellings lost to the sands of time in which our ancestors would have heavily invested. This panorama explores a topography of apparently uninhabited abodes. It could be a look back into the past, or from the future to an alternative present, or even an other-worldly space. The empty nature of the abodes is not intended to imply sorrow or emptiness. On the contrary, it is intended as a reflection on the temporary nature of our living spaces and, to an extent, the cultures that gave rise to them.  It’s an opportunity to appreciate this moment in time, the spaces we occupy and the homes we establish. As I create the abodes I imagine the inhabitants and their cultures within. Similarly, as the viewer wanders along the illustration, perhaps they too might imagine residents and lifestyles. Therefore, these imagined inhabitants create a place that, in our own imaginary realm, the audience and I meet.

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